Air Vacuum Excavation: Use it to Reduce Your Construction Costs

If you want to undertake a construction activity, one of the options to consider is air vacuum excavation. You can find out more about this method from reliable companies for excavation Melbourne has to offer. Overall, the method uses air compressor machines to remove soil   safely without interfering with underground pipes or cables.

Once the operation is launched, the air vacuum excavation uses high-pressure air and vacuum action to dig trenches. In the process, the existing conduits are safe as no sharp object is involved in the process, which can damage them. Experts for excavation Melbourne has to offer can shed more light on this method. Visit various websites before you engage a service provider. Visit at: Envirolink

Suitable soils for air vacuum excavation

While clayey soils are best suited for the process, professionals for air vacuum excavation Melbourne has to offer, suggest that the method works for almost any type of soil. However, when you use the method on a rocky ground, the result may not be as impressive. The machine may take long to cut through the rock and that is risky for the excavation process.

In addition, experts do not recommend the method on frozen soil. You may also consider using other excavation procedures when working on pavements or concrete. Find out about possible alternatives from reliable experts for trenching Melbourne has to offer.

How the technique works

Once launched by experts, the process digs a couple of inches below the surface. This happens when it used on hard soils. For loose or sandy soils, the process works better. In that case, the operator moves the machine about two feet per second below the surface. The machine goes further to extract more soil when the soil is loose. It is advisable to spray some water over the soil before the extraction process begins. Water makes the soil a bit softer and reduces dust that may blow up during the digging process.

Benefits of air vacuum excavation

Each method of excavation comes with its advantages and downsides. For air vacuum excavation, the following are some of the top advantages:

·         The process is faster compared to the manual digging of trenches, which may take more time and labor. Besides, the method leads to less exhaustion because less physical energy is involved.

·      No sharp metals are involved. This reduces the chances of damage to the underlying plumbing and electrical network. In other forms excavation, there is more risk of damage to the underlying pipe work because of the machines involved.

·            The process is applicable in any most of the soil types—in fact, experts believe it can be used on almost any type of soil except on stony grounds and frozen soils.

Downsides of air vacuum excavation

Aside from the benefits, air vacuum excavation has downsides that you should know. For example, the process is not applicable on highly compacted soils or frozen soils. Besides, if the soil is too hard, the trenching process might take longer compared to other digging methods.

Overall, you can get more information about air vacuum exaction and other methods from experts for directional drilling Melbourne currently has to offer.

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