Discover Why Wood Is the Most Ideal Material for Outdoor Decking

Summertime offers you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living such as playing football, having a walk along the water, grilling in the garden, and of course having fun on the backyard. Basically, you can enjoy more fun in your backyard if you allow competent experts such as Mulberry Group - Carpentry Sydney has to offer to make you a good quality, solid deck. There are different materials you can use for your deck. However, there are mega benefits of using simple, real, attractive, renewable wood. Some of the benefits include:


Easy to Paint

Whether you love it barn-red, a little bit darker, or just natural, the wood decking that Mulberry Group – Carpentry Sydney offers will retain the oil-based stain or the high-quality water you chose for years. You can also select the most amazing color to match the time of your outdoor decorating, since there are numerous amazing stain options you can choose from. A stain specially made for outdoor wood penetrates well and is the most ideal for foot traffic.

Great Performance

You should not believe in the propaganda that wood decking that is pressure-treated requires high maintenance, since it’s not true. It simply requires simple maintenance. However, remember that treated woods vary. You can also enhance the life span of the wood by using preservative systems, which protect the natural attractiveness of the wood and guards against decay, termite attack and withering.


A life cycle assessment that was conducted recently indicates that the manufacturing of composite decking is more harmful to the atmosphere than the production of wood decking that is pressure-treated. Many composites use limited resources such as petroleum, gas and oil during the production cycle. Since these resources are finite, they cannot be renewed. However, trees are planted every year, creating amazing forests than there was years back and working wonders for the environment.

Easy to Use

Unlike replacing deck boards with faster systems that are hidden or replacing interlocked pieces, you will not require any special safety requirements, skills, or tools to replace surface mounted deck boards. Also, unlike composites, wood decking is able to span longer spaces.


Composite decking may be four to six times more costly than wood decking that is treated. Also, wood decking retains its high value compared to composite decking. You can even save more if you buy wood decking that is pressure-treated. The decking is both cost effective and eye-catching.

Wood is a resource that is renewable and gets rid of carbon dioxide from the surroundings. Wood has the ability to last for many years. However, it may wither with time and only requires regular application of sealers and stains. Wood is also susceptible to cracking, splintering, termites and dry rot.  This can be protected through proper care and maintenance. You can also reuse the woods as firewood (if not pressure treated) after you demolish your deck. To get the best outdoor decking, settle with the best providers such as Mulberry Group – Carpentry Sydney has today.