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Smart Tips for Concrete Cutting

Concrete is known to be versatile and durable; no wonder it has preference in many high rise constructions in Australia. In fact, over 80% of tall buildings are constructed using this material; mostly commercial buildings. Concrete also finds application in parking lots, floors of the parking garages and the floorings of warehouses among many others. Despite its vast application and great strength, concrete is not  immune to the nature forces of wear and tear as eventually concrete slabs get to crack, chip and sometimes break. When this happens usually it will require replacement. In such situations, concrete cutting becomes inevitable. While the best option usually is to hire a firm that offers services of commercial concrete cutting Brisbane wide, below are tips to be considered.

Choose the right equipment

commercial concrete cutting BrisbaneFor many years, ancient techniques such as use of chisels and sledgehammers have been used in commercial concrete cutting Brisbane professionals undertake. While it worked, new technology makes the process much easier and less tedious with the use of specialized circular saws. It’s recommended to get the desirable results using power saws as these are specially designed for concrete cutting. Often professionals which offer services of commercial concrete cutting in Brisbane will use hand held saws while the less experienced will use powerful wheeled cutters. Concrete sawing normally will need heavy concrete cutting equipment as these are safer and accurate. A concrete cutter that has various tools for drilling, cutting coring is much more preferable as opposed to one that will only accomplish a specific task.

Concrete cutting Dos

When you engage in Brisbane commercial concrete cutting task, it’s advised that you begin with a single surface cut as this allows you to demarcate the locations that you are going to cut through and at the same time break the compactness of the concrete, thus making the cutting process easy. It’s also recommended that when cutting, the blade is retracted as well as run freely every 30 seconds to prevent overheating of the blade. Additionally, wearing of protective gears during concrete cutting is of utmost importance. This is because the process involves a lot of flying bits of debris that could lead to serious injury when it meets bare skin or eyes. Therefore, safety goggles, earmuffs and gloves should never be far away.

Things to avoid

While undertaking commercial concrete cutting Brisbane wide, experts advise that a blade should never be forced, and neither should too much pressure be exerted on the saw. The weight of the saw should do the cutting by itself as you do the steering. Also never attempt to cut without a proper plan in mind as well as on the surface. You can use a piece of chalk so that you can draw out the place you are supposed to cut.

If you are looking forward to protecting the concrete floor of your warehouse, or you require cutting a hole on the wall to create space for a new window or door, you need to find commercial concrete cutting in Brisbane that has the right equipment for use with them.